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Brief Introduction to Performance and Application of Mute Engine

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Because of the importance of electricity for our lives, many companies now have diesel generators to provide stable power for equipment and other equipment in case of emergency use of electricity. Here we will introduce silent generators.

Mute generator set is well developed in the current market. It has such a good market because of its performance and advantages. It provides a basis for its development in this respect. And now the use of some places of mute generator set is very important, such as public places, hospitals, hotels and so on. These places are very important to the environment, especially if they need a quiet environment.

At present, the development of silent generator units is required, mainly because of the following aspects.

First, the power grid penetration rate in developing countries is still low while the demand for electricity is increasing. Therefore, there is a huge market demand for diesel generators as alternative power sources.

Secondly, the allocation of backup power and the demand for continuous renewal of backup power supply by key departments such as telecommunications, power, transportation, petroleum and petrochemical industries in various countries.

Third, new infrastructure construction increases the demand for standby power supply; fourth, the growth of global population and the process of urbanization increase the demand for civilian standby power supply. The silent generator set includes: engine, generator, controller, and optional device such as voltage stabilized filter device and gas-liquid separation device. The engine is coaxially connected with the generator and placed on the chassis of the whole machine. Then the muffler and speed regulator are connected to the engine, and the gas source is connected to the gas channel in the engine. A backlash starter with a pull rope on the engine and a voltage regulator connected to the output terminal of the generator.


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